Why Another Blog?

About ten years ago, I made the the following comment about blog-writing: 

“Never have so many with so little to say written so much to so few people”

I meant that tongue-in-cheek because, after all, I was engaged in blogging at the time. The writing that I did then was “of little note nor long-remembered” as the saying goes (although it is all still out there in the nether regions of cyberspace). Still, with that inauspicious beginning, I now find myself drawn back to the idea of writing something to post online. I will leave it to my readers (if there are any) to determine whether or not I have anything worthwhile to say. 

The blog, or the personal web site associated with it, will consist of three parts. First, there will be a blog that deals primarily with topics related to the Bible and history (and usually that as it intersects with Scripture). My intent is to delve into topics that will take us beyond just a devotional reading of the Bible. I hope to find that sweet spot between the simple and the academic for those who want a little bit more.

I have called the second part of the blog, “Christ and Culture.” This is really a broad category that will allow me to write on a variety of subjects, from devotional to even cultural commentary. This part will be a discovery even for me to see how it turns out.

Lastly, I have a section where I will post reviews, mostly of books that have benefited me. It will give me a chance to share my reading and give recommendations to those with similar interests as me.

I hope the site (and blogs) are beneficial and challenging. As a pastor I have a conviction that many Christians really want to know more about God’s word and are sometimes not challenged enough. If I reach my goal, the readers of this blog will gain a greater understanding of God’s word and the world of Scripture while not being forced to understand things that are above their level of training. 

As I begin this journey, please give me your feedback. There is a contact form which will enable that.

Soli Deo Gloria


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